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The gazebo has taken various shapes and sizes over the years but they all provide an all round viewing experience and (depending on the surroundings) can enhance any park or garden.
Gazebos were originally built purely to be a spot from which to “gaze” at the rest of the garden.
They make an ideal place to sit and enjoy the tranquility of the garden, ideally out of reach of the hot sun and just enough shade to make it a place to cool off and relax.

We are the manufacturer. Buy direct. No middle man!

Gazebos can also be used as decorative features of a garden, perhaps serving a purpose as a prop for which trailing plants can grow.
Either way, it’s all about creating a personal paradise in your corner of the world and the gazebo is the perfect way to do that. Whether it’s outdoor dining you’re after or a quiet place in which to study whilst surrounded by nature, all hail the gazebo for mixing indoor comfort with the beauty of outdoor summer days.



This is pretty much our standard Gable  Roof Shed.

We are the manufacturer. Buy direct. No middle man!

Let’s face it, many of us have more “stuff” than we know what to do with. You love your riding   lawn mower, and it makes your yard look beautiful. You could buy a prefab storage shed, but   they’re pricey and not very attractive. Or you could have us build your own storage shed and make it  exactly the way you want it.